The journey is the destination!

  • Right after the start, all teams have to get their roadbook. It contains all challenges which have to be solved scavenger-hunt-style on the way.
  • It is forbidden to use highways, technical navigation systems or ferries (with very few exceptions). Travel more leisurely, get in touch with local people on the way.
  • The cars have to be either older than 20 years, or have a value of less than 1111,11 €. Lemons of the world unite!
  • For the night, you can either sleep in the car, a tent, or under the open sky. If you insist on a hotel, it has to be less than 11,11 €/person/per night. This journey is about simplicity and being in touch with locals and nature. If you have too much money, give it to charity!

Organiser: Allgäu-Orient-Rallye e.V.



Autos: entweder älter als 20 Jahre oder weniger als 1111,11 € wert / AUSGESCHLOSSEN: Autobahnen, Navigationsgeräte, Fähren (Ausnahme Syrien-Umschiffung) / Übernachtung: Auto oder unter freiem Himmel, Hotel nicht für mehr als 11,11 € die Nacht / Roadbook mit verschiedenen Aufgaben, unterwegs zu lösen

Veranstalter Allgäu-Orient-Rallye e.V.