The goal to win the camel

We like roadtrips and the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye is anybodies first choice. Few and clear rules. No need to be an amazing car racer already. So many charitable aspects. And who would need further persuasion after hearing what’s in for the winner? A camel!

Did you know that it doesn’t hurt when a camel steps on your foot?! They weigh a ton! But they have softy leathery feet. That and many other fun facts about camels we learned last week during a photoshoot with our BMW 520i touring and Karim the Camel. Check out our marvellous video by our sponsor BMW. 

A first sweet taste of what it would be like, winning the camel for our team 5ever. What we will do with it if we get it? No, not riding home on it. It is a well-established tradition to donate the camel. A camel used to be a gift for kings. What an honor it would be to be able to make such a meaningful gift.

It was also the first time we met as Team 5ever altogether. Legendary! We got to play all day out in the sun at Bayern-Kamele, a cool camel farm just outside of Munich, as well as the top of the Irschenberg, backyard hill of our homebase Munich.

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